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Friday, July 9, 2010

WBwso Com

Earn extra money with our effective referral program!
As a member of WBwso you can earn extra money by simply referring friends and family to WBwso. We pay you a commission on each purchase made from any one you refer to us, and not only that, we pay 7 levels down! Yes that's right, commission is paid 7 levels down, this means that if you find some one who joins and they then find some one them self who joins you get a commission on this person too!

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Our referral program is used as a marketing tool, and funds that we would normally be spent on marketing WBwso is paid back to the members instead of paying for adverting and marketing costs.
What is it that we do? We buy, sell, develop and maintain commercial websites! There is nothing new about this; people have been doing it since the late eighties. The golden era in which anybody with a computer was able to make loads of money was in the nineties. Today, the competition is fierce and the money involved is huge, in both value and turnover.
We have all used a search engine to try to find a website about a certain "subject", or "keyword" as it is called in the business. How often have we reached a website that is just teeming with advertisements and provides very little information on the subject for which we were searching? Very often. Nevertheless, we have all also come across very useful websites which also contain advertisements. Sometimes, we even click on these ads in order to get more information.
This is what earns most websites some money, a click, not a purchase, just a click! When you click on the advert, the website owner gets paid for it instantly. You do not have to buy anything or commit to anything. You do not even have to register for anything, you just click on a link and somebody makes money on it. How much does the webmaster make? It depends on the niche of the website and can range from $0.03 to $50.00 per click. The more competition there is for a keyword, the more money the click is worth.

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